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Show Me Your Love ♫

~ indulging in those guilty pleasures

A Super Junior and DBSK smut community
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A Super Junior and DBSK Smut Community
Welcome to smuju_k ~

The name of the community is a fusion of the two words "smut" & "suju", and that is exactly what this community is for --Super Junior smut. However, because Dong Bang Shin Ki is awesomely sexy in their own right, they get their own little "k". This is the place to find, post, and share fanfiction of mature ratings (R+) featuring Super Junior and DBSK.

You have to JOIN to see the entries and post because this community is, after all, featuring mature content.

smuju_k is not your run-of-the-mill smut community though. There is a master request post for members to indulge in and gain inspiration from each other's guilty pleasures. Also, we encourage members to RECOMMEND fics they've read and liked to share the awesomeness of smut. This community may be organizing many things such as fic challenges, fic exchanges, memes, or anything interesting that members may suggest.

Please read the rules before posting.

Moderator/Founder: saya_l
[Tag] Moderator: jojibear

If you have questions or suggestions please contact us via:
an LJ message or smujuk@gmail.com

Special Thanks To: bayergal
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